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SPMT Engineering

Transporting a 1,400-tonne monopile with SPMTs?
Or a bridge weighing more than 2,000 tonnes?

This requires specific knowledge and experience.

Our engineers provide a watertight plan, check stability and work it out on a transport drawing.

Specialist software is used to check the strength and stability of the transport.

Kleinveld offers a practical approach combined with grounded theoretical knowledge and years of experience.

Maintenance on your SPMTs?
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KLEINVELD offers full-service engineering consisting of:

  • Drawing up the transport plan: We determine the best suited transport configuration.
  • Stability review: What is the maximum stability of the object to be transported?
  • Ground pressure checks: What is the maximum load the substrate can resist?
  • Strength checks: What is the bending moment and capacity of an SPMT?
  • Route research: Are there any challenges on the route to be travelled?

All based on thorough calculation using our own state-of-the-art software.

Maintenance on your SPMTs?
Need operators for your SPMTs?

Kleinveld engineering spmt maintenance outsourcing


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